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Web Archiving For Government Agencies

Iterasi archives your websites, webpages and web presence to ensure you meet your compliance and records retention requirements.

Federal agencies are required to preserve records of web communication to comply with Federal law. Iterasi regularly archives your entire website to ensure you remain compliant with these regulations.

“Every Federal agency is legally required to manage its records. Records are the evidence of the agency’s actions. Therefore, they must be managed properly for the agency to function effectively and to comply with Federal laws and regulations.” –

“All federal public websites must comply with existing laws and regulations related to the management of public web records. This includes the need for organizations to comply with NARA guidance related to web records.” –

With Iterasi All Your Web Records Retention Needs Are Met

From archiving your entire website, to keeping records of social media, to searching and browsing the archives, all the way through exporting to a data warehousing solution, Iterasi is the right solution for government agencies to maintain records of web documents.

Best In Class Web Records Management

Iterasi provides best in class web records management, capturing comprehensive archives of your entire web site(s) and web presence at large. Our TrueArchive™ technology captures and stores everything necessary to reproduce your web pages exactly how they appeared, independent of any linked files and assets; this includes complex technologies like Flash and JavaScript.

  • Archive Content From More Sources: capture entire web sites and individual pages on a regular basis or on-demand.
  • Archive & Track Social Media: capture social media like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn as well as your entire web presence (blogs, wikis, news coverage, etc.).
  • An Exquisite User Console: browse, search and share your archives using our powerful user console.
  • Integration With Existing Systems: Export necessary records into e-discovery review applications and other tools.

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