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Web Archiving For Legal Professionals

Capture archives of websites and webpages for litigation protection, litigation support and e-discovery with IterasiArchives.

The web represents a huge liability for your clients as web content is increasingly central to your clients’ communication strategy. As with other forms of communication, it is the responsibility of businesses to preserve and present web content when necessary in court. As a recent case1 ruled:

“This Court sees no reason to treat web sites differently than other electronic files.”

Litigation Preparation & Protection

Protect yourself and preserve your web content with Iterasi’s industry leading web archiving service. From archiving your entire website, to keeping records of social media, to searching and browsing the archives, all the way through to exporting, Iterasi is the best solution for maintaining records of web content.

Pro-Active Captures of Offending Parties

With Iterasi you can also capture archives of opposition’s websites to keep records of what was said, where, and by whom. Include social media and online press to maintain a private database of archived web content about your opposition.

Ready For Litigation & E-Discovery

Iterasi features several essential features for litigation and e-Discovery:

  • Legal Hold: When you’re faced with legal hold, Iterasi has a fully operational protocol for preserving and locking down your data, ensuring our customers are protected.
  • Records Retention Schedules: Iterasi can accommodate any records and information management (RIM) schedule, from preserving all archived items forever, to auto-deleting each archived item as it turns 1 year old and everywhere in between.
  • E-Discovery Processes: You can begin the e-discovery process from within Iterasi’s browser based console, searching, taking notes, and creating groups of archives using folders and tags.
  • Export Capabilities: When you’re ready to export your web archives into your e-discovery review application (e.g., LexisNexis™ Concordance®, Law Pre Discovery, Clearwell, etc.) you’ll be able to do so with Iterasi’s export capabilities.

Best In Class Web Records Management

Iterasi provides best in class web records management, capturing comprehensive archives of your entire web site(s) and web presence at large. Our TrueArchive™ technology captures and stores everything necessary to reproduce your web pages exactly how they appeared, independent of any linked files and assets; this includes complex technologies like Flash and JavaScript.

  • Archive Content From More Sources: capture entire web sites and individual pages on a regular basis or on-demand.
  • Archive & Track Social Media: capture social media like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn as well as your entire web presence (blogs, wikis, news coverage, etc.).
  • An Exquisite User Console: browse, search and share your archives using our powerful user console.
  • Integration With Existing Systems: Export necessary records into e-discovery review applications and other tools.

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